Toddler Care in Redhill

The Little Oaks Room – Supporting those shaky first steps









The Little Oaks room is a dedicated space for toddler care in Redhill, catering for children that are perfecting their walk and learning to talk.

Once the babies in our care have indicated they are physically confident movers and socially and emotionally ready, we prepare them for the next step in their early years journey. In this room, our environment and unique approach to childcare is adapted to support these children to build confidence in their abilities, build friendships and establish their identities.

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Two children playing together

How we support your child at our nursery in Redhill

This is the stage where we can truly focus on supporting our children in developing the art of conversation, as they experience a ‘language explosion' and add new words to their vocabulary every day. For our practitioners working with these children, it's extremely exciting to be a part of!

The children are encouraged to use their developing communication skills at every turn, as they map out their own play and choose from the stimulating array of learning opportunities on offer.

As the children become more aware of the world around them, we harness their interests and enhance their provision to invoke awe and wonder, encouraging them to extend their learning across a range of different environments.

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A day in the life at the Little Oaks room

There's no child busier than a toddler – They are constantly exploring, walking, talking, discovering, and reaching new heights. Once a child is walking, they are advised to get at least three hours of physical activity a day.

The Little Oaks room is designed to help them reach this number, embodying the enjoyable and inspiring experience their early years educational journey should be. The room features both a carpeted area with under floor heating, where the children can enjoy; a reading garden, small world and building area, imagination station and sensory resources, and a laminated area with access to; malleable play, mark making, playdough and sand and water play.

Little Oaks Play room







Building Social Skills

A big emphasis for us at this stage is teaching the children how to interact with each other.

We focus on social skills and help the children to find the means to express themselves. Developing patience and turn taking for a 2-year-old can take time, but these are promoted by positive role modelling and through group games.




Personal Care

We provide nappies and wipes; however, we ask that you please bring a spare set of clothes (or two!) in a named bag each day. With access to water and malleable play, plus multiple meal times, things can get a little messy!





All of our rooms are upheld by our highly-motivated and passionate team of practitioners that strive to support your child every step of their Early Years Journey at Tiddly Winks Nursery.

Your baby will also be assigned a ‘key person' who will be on hand from their settling in and building first relationships in the room, planning for their next developmental steps and capturing their milestones met to share with those closest to them. Our talented team are here to support your child both at home and at nursery and to be on hand for comfort and cuddles when needed.

A toddler with her teacher