Early learning centre in Redhill

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Birth to 5 years are some of the most transformative in a child's life, with each day bringing a new discovery.

With this in mind, each of the rooms of our Early learning centre in Redhill has been designed around the specific needs of each age child and their developmental stage.  

If you would rather see our classrooms for yourself or want further information about our teaching structure, come and see us! 

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Our Nursery Rooms

Babies playing at nursery

Acorns – 3 to 18 months 

A special place for our littlest of little ones.

The baby room of our nursery in Redhill is designed to help your child prepare for and reach key developmental milestones, from mastering the crawl to their first shaky steps.

Toddlers playing with toys

Little Oaks – 18 months to 2.5 years 

A space for supporting your child's next big steps.

Our Little Oaks room, or ‘toddler room', is centred around communication and sensory growth. The Little Oaks curriculum is therefore written to help your child master the art of conversation, as well as explore the world around them in more detail.

Young child smiling at the camera

Junipers – 2.5 years to 3 years 

A room for a crucial transitional period.

This is the period in which your child becomes more independent and inquisitive, and our ‘pre-preschool' room has been especially curated to accommodate that.

A child playing with toys

Willows – 3 years to 5 years 

A room for life-readiness.

The preschool room of our nursery in Redhill emphasises far more than just primary school readiness. Our aim is to prepare children for the rest of their lives beyond the nursery by instilling in them independence, resilience & confidence.