Pre-Preschool in Redhill

The Juniper Room – Fostering and guiding independence









The Juniper Room is the dedicated ‘pre-preschool' space at our nursery in Redhill, designed to aid children during the ever so special years that they truly find their independence, sense of self and confidence in their own abilities.

We adapt the environment and our approach to support the growing inquisitive nature, and mounting independent milestones to reach for children in the 2.5 years to 3-years age bracket. With independence comes new and exciting challenges such as toilet training, reducing naps and dressing routines. Our dedicated staff are on hand to support these next steps, both at nursery and at home.

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A child playing with building blocks

How we support your child at our nursery in Redhill

This is the stage where we focus on encouraging the children to make positive choices, as we support their ever-evolving personal, social and emotional development.

This takes the form of socialising with their peers, learning sharing and turn-taking and establishing confidence in their unique little characters and personalities.

We also find that this is the age and stage in which the children are excited to exert independence in their new found skills and we always encourage them to ‘have a go' first.

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What's on offer at the Juniper Room?

The juniper room provides your child with plenty of opportunities for personal growth as the ‘step into' themselves. This includes:

  • A mark-making area
  • A mathematics area
  • A ‘reading garden'
  • Sand and water play
  • Malleable play
  • A roleplay area
  • A construction and small world area
  • Plenty of access to a variety of art, media and materials

Juniper play room



Personal Care

We believe in promoting personal hygiene and self-care to all of the children in the nursery. This becomes especially prevalent with the Juniper children as they embark on their increasing self-care and toilet training journeys.

We encourage every child to develop the independent skills required to support their transition through life such as; accessing the environment independently, taking themselves to the toilet and cleaning themselves afterwards, keeping themselves clean by blowing their noses and washing their hands as well as putting on their own coats and shoes!





All of our rooms are upheld by our highly-motivated and passionate team of practitioners that strive to support your child every step of their Early Years Journey at Tiddly Winks Nursery.

Your child will also be assigned a ‘key person' who will be on hand from their settling in and building first relationships in the room, planning for their next developmental steps and capturing their milestones met to share with those closest to them. Our talented team are here to support your child both at home and at nursery and to be on hand for comfort and cuddles when needed.?

A group of pre-schoolers playing