Baby Room in Redhill

The Acorns Room – Sensory exploration and stimulation!









Our Acorns room caters for our youngest nursery children as they embark on the exciting adventure that is nursery life.

We understand that this will be many babies' first experience away from their primary caregivers so our team are here to provide them with endless reassurance and loving care, as they settle into their new surroundings and build new relationships.

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Baby playing with building blocks

How we will support your baby at our nursery in Redhill

We find that the babies at our nursery enjoy the excitement that comes with being around other children of the same age group. They thrive from the social interaction, sensory exploration and testing of their physical boundaries as they gradually start to build up their confidence.

With this in mind, our baby room has been tailored to prepare your child to reach developmental milestones, as we share these incredible ‘firsts' with their families. This includes both gross motor skills like crawling, cruising, standing and walking, as well as fine motor skills such as using cutlery, holding toys, turning pages and investigating their environment.

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What goes on in the Acorn Room?

Tiddly Winks' dedicated baby room in Redhill is designed to embody the joy and inspiration that a child's first early year's educational experience should be. The room features:

  • Underfloor heating
  • A reading garden
  • Role play
  • A building and small world area
  • A ‘peaceful pod' for cuddles and downtime

  • Individual sleeping pods, sleeping bags and blankets for the babies to rest and sleep in
  • An area for malleable play
  • Whole-body exploration
  • Mark-making, playdough, sand and water play

Acorn room at tiddly winks nursery

Acorn Room at a nursery in redhill







Naptime at the Acorns Room

Children in the Acorns room sleep and rest according to their own routines. Our separate, quiet sleep area has individual sleep pods, allowing children to get the rest they need. Our team are trained in safer sleep and sleep science and are always on hand to offer support and guidance.




Personal Care

Nappies and wipes are provided by the nursery, however, we ask that you please bring a spare set of clothes (or two!) in a named bag each day. With access to water and malleable play, plus multiple meal times, things can get a little messy!





All of our rooms are upheld by our highly-motivated and passionate team of practitioners that strive to support your child in every step of their Early Years Journey at Tiddly Winks Nursery.

Your child will be assigned a ‘key person' who will be on hand from their settling in sessions and building first relationships in the room, to planning for their next developmental steps and capturing their milestones to share with those closest to them. Our talented team are here to support your child both at home and at nursery and to be on hand for comfort and cuddles when needed.

A baby playing with toys 



Two babies playing at nursery


A dedicated room for babies aged up to 18 months.

Two toddlers playing at nursery

Little Oaks 

A room for toddlers aged between 18 months and 2.5 years.


A preschool child smiling at nursery


A group to prepare children for preschool, aged between 2.5 years and 3 years.

A child playing with toys at nursery


A pre-school for children aged between 3 and 5 years.