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The so called “30 hours”

Application deadline for 30 hours for 2020
For everyone

If you want to start taking 30 hours subsidised childcare, you need to have applied through Childcare choices for an eligibility  code.

Remember, before we can offer your child any free hours, we have to check and confirm the eligibility code with Surrey.


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Parking - polite Notice

With the station and increased numbers at each of the nearly schools, pressure on parking is increasing.


Please, please do your very best not to obstruct visibility for pedestrians and not to park over our neighbours driveways


Thank you

Our Latest project

Our current project is to refurbish our baby and toddler space, and we are all very excited about it.

We are looking into opening up the baby room, enabling an improved communication between the two rooms.

All building work will, as usual, be carried out during the weekends, so there will be no disruption to you or our little people.

I am sure your little ones will enjoy the new environment.








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