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Tiddly Winks Nursery Acorns Room

A fun bright and stimulating place. 

From our recent Ofsted report:-  'the baby room staff confidently cover the prime areas of learning...'

Our Acorns room, also known as our ‘Baby’ room caters for our youngest nursery children embarking on their early years care and education adventure! We understand that for many babies this may be their first play experience away from the family snug and we are here to provide an endless amount of reassurance and loving care as our babies settle into their new environment and build special relationships. 

We find the babies in our Acorns room enjoy the excitement that being around other babies brings to their day and thrive from the social interaction, sensory exploration, testing their physical boundaries and building confidence in every new skill they master! In this room, the environment and our childcare approach has been tailored to prepare our babies to reach their developmental milestones as we share those precious ‘firsts’ with their families.  As well as ‘gross motor’ physical skills such as crawling, cruising, standing and walking, our babies will perfect their ‘fine motor’ skills also, which include using cutlery and drinking from a cup, holding toys and tools, making marks on paper, turning pages in books and investigating everything within their reach!

What makes our Baby Room special ?


A day in the life of---

The Acorns room is designed to embody the enjoyable and inspiring experience their early years educational experience should be. It features a cosy carpeted floor with under floor heating to encompass a sensory area, a ‘reading garden’, role play, a building and small world area, a ball pool, a peaceful pod for relaxed cuddles and down time as well as an inviting space with individual cot beds, bags and blankets for the babies to rest and sleep throughout the day. In addition to this, the Acorns room boasts an inspired area for malleable (messy) play, whole-body sensory exploration, mark-marking, play dough and sand and water play.

 Taking a Nap

When our children are tired and need a nap, we have a separate, cozy little quiet sleep area, with individual cots.  Babies sleep and rest according to their own routines. While they are asleep we check on them often.

Personal care

We supply disposable nappies and wipes at no extra charge.  However, we ask that you please bring a spare set of clothes in a named bag each day. A big nappy change can sometimes need a new set of clothes and occasionally playtimes can get messy too.


Moving on...

We try to be flexible about the progression of each child from one group to the next. We understand that every child progresses at their own rate, so we work with you to make sure that your little one makes the step to the next group when they are ready, rather than based on a birth date

 Key person

All of our rooms are upheld by our highly-motivated and passionate team of practitioners that strive to support your child every step of their Early Years Journey at Tiddly Winks Nursery. Your baby will also be assigned a ‘key person’ who will be on hand from their settling in and building first relationships in the room, planning for their next developmental steps and capturing their milestones met to share with those closest to them. Our talented team are here to support your child both at home and at nursery and to be on hand for comfort and cuddles when needed.


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