About Tiddly Winks Nursery, Redhill, Surrey 

 Our Vision


At Tiddly Winks we understand that you want to be sure that your child is having a fun and exciting time with us, and also that you want to know a little about us . 

We are careful to take on people who understand our ethos, and have a natural desire to enhance every child's development in the nursery. Whilst a qualification provides a baseline, we try to employ people who have an enthusiasm and a positive outlook. It's inspiring to have a positive team around, who are all eager to work and promote what's best for the children.

We are organised into four teams; when deploying staff, we assess and monitor each individual to ensure they are working with the age of children for which they have most understanding and empathy, as well as considering their  skills and experience. This obviously creates an enthusiastic, and happy approach to the learning environment offered, and enables the children to achieve at the highest levels.

Our team of professional nursery practitioners are confident and experienced in using the learning environments and their skills to plan a balance of adult and child initiated activities, with appropriate opportunities for each child to play and explore, think critically and be active and creative learners. Practitioners promote their high expectations of the children using positive and progressive language and praising each child's individual achievements.

We all enjoy our work and are dedicated to ensuring that each of the children love coming here as much as we do.

"The curriculum is only as good as the people who offer it to the children"


 Who we are


The owner (who is involved with the management and is on site daily) has a BSc (Hons) degree; the full time manager and the deputy manager  hold a BA (Hons) in Early Years Care and Education. In addition, the manager is a qualified Early Years Teacher. All staff are encouraged and mentored to continue their professional development. 

The nursery promotes an ethos of continuous reflection of policy and practice in other to ensure children safeguarding and welfare requirements are met.

We have a positive approach to encouraging and supporting good behaviour, with a designated person to monitor and ensure consistency.

"At Tiddly Winks Nursery we believe that children flourish best when they know how they and others are expected to behave. Children gain respect through interaction with caring adults who act as good role models"

Three of our Senior teachers hold BA (Hons) degrees in Early Years subjects, and two have foundation degrees in Early Years subjects. Eighteen of our other teachers are qualified, and two apprenticed to Tiddly Winks to obtain full and relevant nursery qualifications. The children additionally benefit from specialist music and movement sessions and a full time support worker to enhance learning opportunities. We have a full time chef to prepare our meals daily. 

All staff are trained in Child Protection, Safeguarding and Food Hygiene and undergo Paediatric First Aid training, as well as having an enhanced DBS certificate. Almost everyone of us is currently enrolled on CPD training courses to move forward. 

For your reference, we have a photo board in the nursery with a short synopsis on each of us. 









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  • Thank you for always allowing Joanna to be her “crazy glamorous” self and letting her express herself in all different ways.
  • Thank you so mush for all the care, giggles, friendship, and all round fun times you have given my Emily – she has had a ball!
  • Early years care is critically  important and we do firmly believe that the input our children received at Tiddly Winks have shaped them into the bright and confident children they are today
  • You are such a fantastic team that make up such a wonderful place for children to come to
  • His development has come on leaps and bounds and he is turning into a bright and confident little boy, no doubt due to the support and facilities at Tiddly Winks
  • My 3 ½ yr old daughter goes to Tiddly Winks, and has been there since she was 13 months old. We as parents love it for its homely, cosy feel and she loves it because they have so much fun.
  • All staff have been great in the 3 rooms she’s been in
  • Thank you so much for letting me part of the team. It has been a great experience and I’ve had lots of fun (trainee)


  • The staff are lovely and caring and they see parents as parents first, rather than an income source
  • Can’t recommend it enough! My daughter loved it.
  • My daughter settled quickly and the staff are really amazing
  • We felt really welcome at Tiddly Winks and that was the best nursery we visited (out of 4 in the area)
  • I could see the passion, commitment and great team work across all levels.
  • You are all so friendly and smiley!
  • You and all the girls have been fantastic and I couldn’t recommend the nursery more
  • I wouldn’t want my son to go anywhere else other than Tiddly Winks
  • All at Tiddly Winks are so friendly and welcoming – it’s just like home but with more toys
  • We love Tiddly Winks because Paul received plenty of attention
  • The team use innovative ways of learning
  • Love the parents evenings and opportunities to connect with the team
  • Fantastic space and layout – great for little ones to explore
  • The staff are always warm and caring


Toilet Training

As we all know at some point in their lives, every child will begin to toilet train.

We have produced a short guide in how we can work together to support your child with this new transition!

In our experience the best way to support a child through to successful toilet training is to work in partnership with you. Many of our successful families have mentioned that they did so by these steps.