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The so called “30 hours”

Application deadline for 30 hours this autumn term 
For everyone

If you want to start taking 30 hours subsidised childcare this Autumn term, you need to have applied through Childcare choices on or before 31 August 2017.

If you want to start taking 30 hours subsidised childcare from the start of the January, Spring Term, you need to have applied through Childcare choices on or before 31 December 2017. 

Remember, before we can offer a parent hours, we have to check and confirm the eligibility code with Surrey as we won't be able to fund children without one.


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Extension to premises for Tiddly Winks Nursery

  We have recently received approval to a planning  application to extend and alter the premises to provide further dining room and office accommodation replacing the lean-to structure. You can view the application on R & B planning portal –( search for Tiddly Winks Nursery)

The building work will be starting any day now - subject to builders turning up on schedule!  We anticipate completion in December 2017.

We would like to be in a position to start to use the new space in the New Year of 2018.

Prior to any contractors being on site, we have, of course, carried out the appropriate risk assessments to ensure the continued safety of all nursery users, and ensure that all relevant safeguards are in place. In addition Ofsted are being kept fully apprised of our progress.

We are very excited about this project, and would love to share our plans, so please do come in and talk to us!


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Menus and mealtimes

According to the Children’s Food Trust, children can be fussy about the foods they eat, and food neophobia (fear of new foods) is common in children aged under five years. Therefore, we give children regular and repeated chances to taste new foods to increase their likelihood of tasting new foods.

We have been encouraging children to be independent in serving themselves, so that can they learn to select portion sizes according to their preferences, with an option for a second helping if they wish.  Ellyn Satter, "How to Handle Picky Eaters" explains that children should learn to be responsible for what and how much they eat. 



Christmas Party dates

We will be holding two Christmas parties again this year; I know it may seem a while away, but the dates are as displayed int he nursery.

For those of you for whom Christmas at Tiddly Winks is a new experience, we will be having a professional entertainer, from the Booster Cushion Theatre for Children, something to eat and drink, and an opportunity to meet other parents. All this will finish off with a visit form that very special perosn in red.

If the party falls on a day which is not one booked for your child, you and your child are invited to join the party. We hope you will all be able to join us. Grandparents also welcome.



Schools and moving on...

Please be reminded that we do offer a wrap-around service to Earlswood school and nursery classes. If you would like further information about these timings and costs - please let us know.





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