"The nursery is not yet outstanding because staff do not always provide children with visual resources to develop their knowledge of the concept of time" (quote form our recent Ofsted report)

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Thank you for visiting the website of Tiddly Winks Nursery (Surrey).  We are very proud of our nursery and look forward to showing you the happy and fun atmosphere we’ve created. We take huge pleasure in helping our children develop and grow during their time with us. We are here to provide a fun and stimulating environment that prepares them well for their move onwards and forwards.

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We take children from 3 months right up to 5 years when they take their first steps into primary school. We even have a small number of children who come to us before and after school

What makes us special

Tiddly Winks is a private nursery, founded in 1996, and we are constantly seeking to improve our nursery. 

Tiddly Winks Nursery in Redhill is a fun and happy place filled with laughter and activity. The atmosphere of joy and fun greets you the moment you walk through the door.  We all enjoy our work and are dedicated to ensuring that each of the children love coming here as much as we do.

We take the health, safety and welfare of each of the children in our care very seriously.  We will take every measure to ensure your child is safe and protected whilst in our care.  We operate a strict security system and all staff undergo our thorough vetting in addition to the required DBS checks.  For your peace of mind we have installed video cameras locks to the entry points of the building.  

We are sensitive to gender, dietary preferences, race, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, or other needs of your children and family. We look forward to welcoming you to our nursery.


Comments from our recent Ofsted report:

'The rooms are bright and colourful...'

'Children behave well due to the positive role modelling from all staff.'

'Children are happy and settled at the nursery...'

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Dedicated areas

We have a special baby room for children aged up to 24 months, a toddler room for children aged up to 3 and a pre-school room for our older children.  This allows us to create different stimulating atmospheres for our children as they grow and get ever more inquisitive. 


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Review of Tiddly Winks Nursery on Sunday 2 March 2014 by Karen (Parent)

My 20 month old has been at Tiddlywinks since she was 9 months, following her sister who spent 4 happy years there before going to school. I cannot fault the nursery - the building itself is lovely and the 3 rooms are wonderfully equipped for each of the age groups. My girls between them have probably been cared for by almost all of the staff, and they are without exception, excellent people who have a real connection with the children. The way the nursery is run is really focused on the customer / parent experience. They are flexible and having heard some stories about how other nurseries operate the admin side, I am all the more grateful for Tiddlywinks. The bottom line is I am totally confident in trusting Tiddlywinks with my most precious things and can't rate them highly enough!

Overall Standard: Excellent

Learning: Excellent

Facilities/Outside Space: Satisfactory

Care: Excellent

Resources/Equipment/ICT: Good

Staff: Excellent

Activities: Excellent

Management: Excellent

Food/Nutrition: Excellent

Safeguarding: Good

Value for Money: Good


Review of Tiddly Winks Nursery on Wednesday 8 August 2012 by Alison Buchanan (Mother)

Tiddly Winks nursery provides a happy, supportive and caring environment for children. It has been reassuring to know that my children are in such safe hands whilst I'm at work. I cannot recommend this nursery highly enough. I think the fact that my children asked to go to nursery and frequently did not want to come home says it all.

Learning: Excellent

Facilities/Outside Space: Excellent

Care: Excellent

Resources/Equipment/ICT: Excellent

Staff: Excellent

Activities: Excellent

Management: Excellent

Food/Nutrition: Excellent

Safeguarding: Excellent

Value for Money: Excellent